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Next DLC in Planning: IBERIA

Although these two map expansions have been announced sooner than previous DLC's, this does not indicate they will be released
at an earlier time. This is because our main focus for the first half of the year will be spent working with the technical side of our truck sims.
In our next planned 1.37 update, we will be changing the
way you hear, as we introduce a new sound engine,
FMOD. This will allow for the inclusion of more realistic environment sounds (such as nature,
city traffic, and trains), as-well-as an improvement to how your truck sounds on different roads.

Thereafter, update 1.38 will bring new graphical updates to our trucking titles. A re-work of lighting, assets and more are being worked on to make
sure the beauty of our game can really shine this year. All of these new changes are thanks to the introduction of DirectX 11. You can find a more
detailed wrap-up of all the communities hottest questions for what the future holds!

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